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Oneida County's non-Indian population has always been overwhelmingly white and this was even truer when slaves first arrived.

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Although there were 50 slaves enumerated in the census of 1800 for Oneida County, there were 73 "other [than white] free persons listed." (5) Similarly, the literature concerning prominent Oneida County slaveholders virtually ignores their slaveholding, General William Floyd being the significant exception, as we shall see.

(6) Most of Oneida County's 26 towns and 2 cities have their own written histories and all of them overlook the slaves of their forefathers.

owned a colored woman, who, through fear of being sold, jumped into the river with her child, and both were drowned....

Slave sales, which once had not been uncommon in Utica, were no longer announced in the papers, an issue of the year 1817 containing the last of such announcements that the writer has met with.

Few realize that at its peak there were at least 84 enslaved African Americans and 55 slaveholders in Oneida County.