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asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies how many European refugees are now interned on the island of Mauritius; of what nationalities are they; how many are known to be sympathetic to the Allied cause; and how many have professional or technical qualifications of recognised standing. They include Austrians, Czechs, Poles, Danzigers and Germans. Gentleman aware that some of these people have excellent technical qualifications and that the Allied cause should make some use of them, instead of keeping them in internment, doing nothing year after year?

I have no reason to believe that they are other than sympathetic to the Allied cause. Is it not the case that those who have not been released, those who are still in camp—which is the greater number—are compelled by the Government to spend days in idleness when they are capable of doing useful work and are anxious to do it?

As I could not hear that reply, and in view of the unavoidable absence of the right hon. and gallant Friend convey to him the desirability of coming to decisions as quickly as possible about aerodrome sites so that disturbance to farmers and other private individuals can be avoided?

asked the Secretary of State for Air if any decision has now been reached as to whether, in cases where an airman claims to be no longer responsible for the support of his wife and to withdraw his allotment, local inquiries or attempts at reconciliation will be made before the wife's allowance is withdrawn. It has been decided that when an airman and his wife are estranged and the airman seeks to withdraw his allotment, attempts at reconciliation will be made before the wife's allowance is withdrawn unless the circumstances render such action obviously undesirable.

No representations have been received from the local naval authorities that volunteers are not forthcoming because of the inadequacy of the allowance, but, as has already been explained, departmentally to the Civil Service Clerical Association, the rate is provisional and subject to review, and this review is now proceeding.