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Originally from New Mexico, the family's success began with the distribution rights for Coors Beer in the Southwest region of the US in 1937. In 2013 the family sold the 65% of the team they owned for 7 million to a Sacramento group, led by Vivek Ranadive, which was committed to building a new arena in downtown Sacramento that had previously been rebuked by the Maloofs.

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People always ask ‘Did the show cause your divorce? You guys are still together.” Adrienne corrected her and stated, “We’re really good friends.” So I guess she’s not officially dating Jacob Busch anymore? Right now, I just kind of need to focus on some other things going on in my life, but yeah, good guy.” In case anyone was curious, this is the Instagram post that Heather was referring to. After tons of promotion about her family’s involvement with Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas during the show’s first three seasons, Adrienne shared, “We’ve moved on and we’re looking at other things in that genre.” Interesting.

Heather pointed out, “You just posted something.” Adrienne told her, “We were together on Valentine’s Day. Then, Heather got to the most important question of the interview: “Do you ever want to come back full-time? Full-time is a full-time job and I’m raising three young boys. Being a single mom, I think it’s hard too.” I don’t blame her. She also revealed, “We sold the basketball team and now we’re founding partners in the NHL.

Paul Nassif, has stated, “My wife, Adrienne Maloof-Nassif, had Botox and facial fillers.” Other people seem to think that’s not ALL Adrienne has had done. Michael Salzhauer, adds, “Adrienne Maloof appears to have had multiple facial enhancements procedures such as Botox to her forehead, cheek enhancement most likely with a filler such as Sculptra, a browlift giving her that high brow arch and a Rhinoplasty giving her that subtle scoop to her nose. Her cheeks appear a bit over-done but the rest looks pretty natural.” It is important to keep in mind these are the ONLY photos of Adrienne found online from her younger years.

It seems someone has tried very hard to keep pictures of Adrienne from her teen and college years off the internet…

stars released a joint statement today regarding their status with their separation, stating that they "reached an agreement on all outstanding issues related to our divorce settlement and all pending litigation," and are now focusing only on the their sons, Gavin and twins, Collin and Christian."Our first priority is our children's' well-being and happiness. Our children are our most important treasures and need to be treated with the respect and privacy they deserve.