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What an exceedingly boring track, the only reason I gave this a listen is because who she previously worked with, but there is no heart in this song.

If she was anyone else P4K would not hype this single because it sounds like the type of song you would record while warming up your vocals.

It got me thinking about what a big challenge being a parent must be.

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It’s still a very bare song that just happens to feel more intricate because of its pace.

And because she takes so many unexpected turns throughout comes from how she’s able to spread out so many layers while still keeping a minimalist feel.

Buy “A Beautiful Woman” on i Tunes, or get the album (on colored vinyl) from Anticon.

thrives off the wild energy flowing within each jangled guitar riff and jaw-dropping hocket from Deradoorian, Amber Coffman and Haley Dekle, except for midway through when everything stops for “Two Doves.” In the most stripped down song on the album, there’s nothing but a plucking acoustic guitar, a sporadic string section, and Deradoorian’s smooth and elegant voice at the forefront.

Then it got me thinking, what if your kid was a werewolf?