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Laine Randjärv was chosen by the board unanimously — though not subsequently cast out unanimously, as it turns out — on 13 September, and was due to start work on 1 February 2019, replacing current incumbent Jüri Leiten.

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Let's try and do just that with the Eesti Kontsert (EK) debacle.

To understand EK necessitates turning the clock way back to the grim depths of the first Soviet occupation of the country in 1940-1941 and the founding of the State Philharmonic Society of the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic (ESSR).

Mr Saar is unequivocal in stating he did not try to influence things, even though some of the board members and artistic directors are likewise members of the SDE."I can say with 100% certainty that l as minister will not interfere with the selection process, regardless of public response after the fact," he said.

Nonetheless, Meelis Kompus, director of communications at Mr Saar's ministry, said that contrary to Laine Randjärv's claims, no agreement had ever been fully concluded in the first place.

Moreover, Tea Varrak says that Ms Randjärv herself tried to move things along, contacting Prime Minister Jüri Ratas (Centre) several times on the phone as well as contacting Minister of Education Mailis Reps (Centre), asking the latter to lean on her subordinates on the EK board (including Ms Varrak herself), as reported by investigative weekly Eesti Ekspress.