Are reid and paige from bachelor pad dating

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As the twins are competing as one, they'll alternate in the challenges - Brittany's up first.

But the first competition isn't until tomorrow (giving Ed his cue to drunkenly stumble back to the pool, making Chris flap after him with a towel).

Chris is already telling his partner he's "scared to death of her", while Blakely's talking about how important trust is to her (and again threatening to punch Chris if he breaks that trust - "in the throat"). Jaclyn's clearly up for a bit of stirring, so she tells Blakely about Chris and Jamie's rendezvous and together they jump in on them. There's already a of tension going on here, as Chris points out that he didn't do anything wrong.

Seems that Chris isn't really listening, though, since he sneaks off with Jamie for a bit of kissing fun. "You're so different from on our season," Blakely tells Jamie. But in confessionals, a tearful Blakely says Chris "1000% disappointed" her.

"The money's not worth it," she weeps, as she talks about being betrayed by her friends. Game playing gone (horrendously) wrong Everyone's still feeling hostile towards the fans, and then David goes and gives them a reason to pick them off.