Bam dating don vito

Bam and his friends decide to take Phil and April to Las Vegas to celebrate Phil and April's wedding anniversary after they order a Russian mail-order bride for Raab Himself to marry.

When they arrive in Vegas, Don Vito loses all his money from gambling too much and gets thrown out of a casino, gets a Heartagram tattoo, has his hair dyed blue by Bam, and is given a fake soul patch made from Bam's pubic hair.

They take up the challenge of staying on the island overnight, however, it starts raining and Bam ends up catching a cold in the morning.

They also build a makeshift ramp out of wood and duct tape, have Tim Glomb go skating naked, build a fort using wood to try to keep the rain out, fart during a game of poker with Don Vito (who came back to check on them), use a fire extinguisher in Raab's face, burn a cake on accident, and eventually they escape from the island.

April & Phil go on a three-day-weekend leaving Bam at home.

While they're away, Bam and his friends paint the kitchen and everything in it blue.

Once Phil makes it to the full twenty four hours, Bam and the crew feed him random concoctions of food.