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So the Binding Sources in this case need to be set up so that they are related as well.

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In the first case it’s not necessary to set up a data relation in your Data Set between the lookup table and the table you’re editing, but it doesn’t hurt.

In the second case it is necessary to create a relation between your parent and child tables. First we’ll use the Data Source Configuration Wizard to create a Data Set with Regions and Territories.

Because we’re using Data Sets as the source of our data, the Binding Sources are maintaining Data Views so you can easily access the current Data Row View and cast it to the Typed Data Sets’s row for typed access to the fields.

For instance it’s handy to be able to get the current row when working on your form. Just make sure to check for Nothing because there may not be a selected row: The Binding Sources are your friends.

Navigation and updating of the data source is accomplished through methods such as Move Next, Move Last, and Remove.


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