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He could really carve out a nice niche for himself as the younger version of also don’t advocate for it for men of today, correct?

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And when there is more work to be done, you don’t reach for drugs to help you reach those goals. We’ve got to teach people that if you’re dissatisfied with your body, you have to work to get better.

You don’t become a better doctor by taking drugs; you won’t become a better bodybuilder that way, either.

‘I tend to find that the guys who are attracted to me, who follow me on Facebook, are the ones that want dominating,’ she says. ‘I only recently stopped pretending to be 48,’ says Angela.

‘Silly little weedy men asking me: “Could you lift me? ‘Instead, I ask people to guess my age and, so far, no one has said anything over 52!

When I said that quote you’re referring to, it was the day of Mr.