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However, the reason behind split-up between Drake and Bria is not revealed until now but after their breakup, Drake has continued to consider Bria's name in his songs and one of his songs is Afterward, in 2011, Bria started having a romance with an American actor, Fast & Furious Star, Laz Alonso though their connection, didn’t last for a long time period.

Bria reportedly also had an affair with Finnish-Canadian business executive and the multi-millionaire named Peter Nygard.

As Player Wives cited, a string of not-so-random events points to Oladipo and Myles at least having some type of connection.

It began when Player Wives revealed she called the Pacers guard “Bae” on social media, in a post which has since been deleted.

She graduated from San Diego High School and then attended San Diego State University. While none of them confirmed their relationship, Drake’s song, “Bria’s Interlude” is allegedly a tribute to Myles.