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It isn’t necessary that scientists or their methods be perfect for us to generally trust their results.But it necessary that scientists perform their work with integrity, which includes acknowledging their biases and admitting their mistakes.

Carbon dating shroud error repair

This also includes accepting the limits of their tools; even a golden hammer can only do a hammer’s job. While its utility and accuracy have been improved in the last 30 years, the processes used on the Shroud were known to occasionally produce results at variance with other known facts even before 1986.

Experiments done after 1988 questioned whether the washing and calculating methods would have neutralized such contaminating factors as “youthening” due to smoke from a 1532 fire or the presence of a biopolymer that previous researchers had mistaken for Spandex particles.

“Well, I don’t need to know it was forged,” one might grouse.

The failure to prove the Shroud a fake doesn’t by itself prove the Shroud an authentic first-class relic, of course.

As far as scientific credibility goes, however, the press and the skeptic community have taken the 1988 tests at face value precisely because they were performed by scientists using a scientific procedure.


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