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IT's not cheating, and yes, both men and women do that and it's perfectly natural. I would get up in the morning and make the living area spotless. I reckon then I would uncharacteristically take a shower in the middle of the day, I probably wouldn't dry myself off too much, just enough to be comfortable. I would put on my short shorts and a tanktop, be the spittin' image of the girl next door at home. Walk past the fella and totally game him "Was lookin' through your FB babe, some hot chicks in there babe, do you know all of them? Then say nothing and wait for the confusion bomb to explode haha Listen to the try hard try explain hard Course its my game, never try that on me, You be **** busy. Now I know why you guys get into so much trouble and feel males seem to get away with everything.

Acting on it and sending a message to the girl letting her know you think she's hot and you wanna stay in touch (read: you would bang her if the opportunity came up) although isn't cheating per se, is plain disrespectful to your girlfriend. You are probably not the only one who thinks that and she's most likely well aware of it. you girls really do live everything in life by the book! Men break the rules, we chuck the book over our shoulders and make it up as we go. You can't BEND a process everybody is in on you just come across half arsed or downright evil.

How can you say "it has nothing to do with you" or "guys do that". That's so unfair how guys can do hurtful stuff like that and get away with it because of the crazy idea that men can do whatever they want without any concern how it effects and even hurts somebody they're in a relationship girls do this too, my current ex would blatantly flirt with other guys in front of me, but i let her.

I have been with my boyfriend for nearly a year and a half, and lately I had noticed his (over) protectivness of his phone.

He never let it out of his sight and always checked to see if i was looking if he was on it.

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