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Limited process-oriented evidence has indicated that pronounced cognitive conflict was present when using a multiple-choice version of the CRT.

The mouse trajectories of participants who responded correctly revealed that they were attracted to the incorrect intuitive response (Travers et al., ).

These should result in different levels of performance and different correlational patterns with the benchmark variables usually associated with the CRT.

In addition, and from a more practical perspective, we also had some expectations concerning time of completion.

According to the , which is assumed in the present research practices, (i) the effect of the answer format on the reflectiveness and intuitiveness scores will be negligible, (ii) the correlational patterns with outcome variables will not differ across the different test formats, and (iii) the tests’ scores will have similar internal consistencies.

Supplementary materials and data are available at ). ___ cents.” Participants usually come up with an appealing intuitive yet incorrect answer—10 cents—instead of the correct answer, which requires more analytical processing and some formal computation—5 cents.

The most famous CRT item is the “bat and ball” problem: “A bat and a ball cost $1.10 in total. The test has become increasingly popular, yielding more than 2,000 citations 12 years after its publication on Google Scholar, and has grown into the optimum measure of rational thinking (Toplak, West, & Stanovich, ).

We speculate that the specific nature of the CRT items helps build construct equivalence among the different response formats.


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