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In addition to the literary adaptations, each issue featured author profiles, educational fillers, and an ad for the coming title.

In later editions, a catalog of titles and a subscription order form appeared on back covers.

Classic Comics is marked by varying quality in art and is celebrated today for its often garish but highly collectible line-drawn covers.

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With issue #35 in March 1947 (The Last Days of Pompeii) the series' name was changed to Classics Illustrated.

In 1948, rising paper costs reduced books to 48 pages.

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With the fourth issue, The Last of the Mohicans, in 1942, Kanter moved the operation to different offices and the corporate identity was changed to the Gilberton Company, Inc.. World War II paper shortages forced Kanter to reduce the 64-page format to 56 pages. Hyde (issue #13) and Uncle Tom's Cabin (issue #15) were both cited in Dr.