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Thus he said that the method was good as far back as shortly after the flood, which seemed to be the practical limit of historical dating.

To Woods, if the assumptions of C-14 dating were accepted, the C-14 method was capable of measuring some 20,000 years into the past.

Woods admitted that no method had been found to accelerate or retard the radioactive decay of an atom.

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The Seventh-day Adventists and the American Scientific Affiliation were central forums in the controversy regarding radioactive dating during the first decade after the invention of the C-14 dating method.

Then the controversy spread out into wider evangelical circles.

One group has been made up of fundamentalist evangelicals, who accepted the global effect of Noah's flood and a young earth and rejected radioactive dates.

The other, non-literalist group of evangelicals accepted some kinds of evolutionary uniformitarian hypotheses and radioactive dating.

One of the most interesting and controversial defenses of a young earth was raised by Robert V.


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