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When we control ourselves despite our occasional self-destructive impulses, we can work towards having, doing, and being what makes us happy in the long run. A person with a controlling personality typically suffers from high levels of anxiety.

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There are many very understandable reasons why letting someone else control you might seem okay at first.

For example, you might allow someone to control you because you feel they know more than you do, are more experienced or logical or are in some way better than you. Whenever you step out of that persona, they feel a strong need to push you back into it.

You might have to say you were wrong, at least to yourself.

You might feel you have to punish yourself for your mistake. You may let yourself off the hook if someone else is the one to make the decision, but letting them decide was a decision in itself.

Source: images.Journaling can help you discover your long-buried dreams and desires.