Cultural beliefs that affect dating

A glance here, a foot tap there, a flick of the hair, a tensing of the shoulders.

Every movement tells a story and romance offers the richest vocabulary.

Some of the main religious issues in cross cultural relationships include: Religious differences have been known to rip good, loving relationships apart. Religious differences don't have to signal the end of a relationship - having conflicting views about the world can be a healthy and enlightening experience. By looking back at how your relationship formed and the role religion played right at the beginning, you can work on reclaiming those initial feelings.

Couples counselling is designed to help you step back from your relationship and see it as a separate entity, away from both you and your partner. Your religion need not smother your personal identity.

While many cross cultural couples start out not understanding each other at all, normally at least one partner speaks the others' mother tongue - albeit basically.