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If you suggest you two should go to eat in this restaurant, she’ll say “okay”.

If you suggest you two should stay at home this weekend, she will say “okay”. But I don’t think all Armenian beauties are like that (a lot of them are like that though).

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By the way, earlier in this article, I mentioned that I dated an Armenian guy before. (Disclaimer: I’m not saying a typical Asian man’s endowment is smaller. At least two thirds of Armenian women aren’t very good in bed, according to a major study.

I’m just saying that Armenian guy’s size is European.) Therefore, it can be seen that from a biological point of view, Armenian ladies are not Asian women either. Therefore, you need to test her bedroom skills before you start a long-term serious relationship with her.

Yet as far as I know, once she is satisfied in the bedroom because you’ve worked hard, she will take care of you really well. She is the princess, but she isn’t the dominant role in the relationship.

She is actually the submissive role in the relationship!

It's up to your group if you wish to keep score and see who correctly guesses the lies, or just play for fun to get to know each other. My hair was almost to my waist in high school, I talked to Cher in an airport coffee shop, and I speak four languages." Many people might assume that talking to Cher in an airport would be most unlikely, and choose that as the lie.