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If you’re on the outside looking in I suggest you start by going inside. Because we do that human thing called love lol Tbh only been here for less than a year, and I'd never seen any islanders in my life before where I used to live lol. in saying that it could increase your chances on meeting a beautiful brown woman.

I was just wondering if it was like against custom or would be frowned upon if it happened (like with some other nationalities, like Indians). Sure we may not see a lot of Samoans interracially dating in public but it definitely does happen, probably more often than ya think. If you have any other questions or you need a friend/wing woman lol I am more than happy to help a brother out.

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French Polynesian women are great dancers and singers too.

The women in French Polynesia are great to be associated with. Every man would find the French Polynesian brides fitting all his criteria for a successful marriage.

The women of French Polynesia are regarded as true beauties all across the world.

Their delicate features and caring nature make them fit for men to start a family with.

French Polynesian brides believe that harsh and strict rules make life dull and monotonous.