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In 2005, Info World reported that a tour of Microsoft's network operations center "showed pretty much beyond a reasonable doubt that Microsoft does run its 20,000-plus node, international network on 99 percent Windows technology, including servers, workstations, and edge security".incident made Microsoft build more robust features into Microsoft Exchange Server to avoid lost and duplicate emails and network and server down-time, although dogfooding is rarely so dramatic.

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A less controversial and common alternative term used in some contexts is self-hosting, where developers' workstations would, for instance, get updated automatically overnight to the latest daily build of the software or operating system on which they work.

Developers of IBM's mainframe operating systems have long used the term "eating our own cooking".

The Breakneck Race to Create Windows NT and the Next Generation at Microsoft.

Microsoft developed the operating system on computers running NT daily builds, initially text only, then with graphics, and finally with networking.

This allows several validations before the software is released.