Dating after tbi

To me that's an odd request if she views me as a friend but of course I'd be happy to either way. A comment, "I really want to be there for you." could open some dialogue.

dating after tbi-35dating after tbi-35

I now knowing who she is as a person have become interested in dating her.

She is 7 years younger than I am she is 30 I am 37.

She had her accident in may of 2013, crushing her pelvis, breaking both arms and of course the tbi and a stroke.

I am amazed by her attitude and outlook on basically everything. I have done loads and loads of reading about tbi and it's effects.

I can't say what she is doing but just know that I have to be rather analytical about responses. Maybe something like, " I know you are hesitant to enter a relationship but I would love to explore a closer relationship with you.


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