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Learn more about Herbert Blomstedt For more than three decades, Jean-Yves Thibaudet has performed worldwide, recorded more than 50 albums, and built a reputation as one of today’s finest pianists.

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Macbeth (1847) was the young Giuseppe Verdi’s first Shakespearean opera.

It became a dark and demonic work that irrevocably changed the outlines of belcanto.

‘If we can't do anything big with it, let’s at least make it something special.’The duo kept their word.

Here there is no requisite love interest between a soprano and a tenor, but instead a pitch-black ménage à trois with three protagonists: Macbeth (baritone), Lady Macbeth (mezzo) and the incomparable chorus of witches that is the engine of this musical drama.

His many globe-spanning friendships have led to spontaneous and fruitful collaborations in film, fashion, and visual art.