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Maybe it's an age thing and it only really sucks for guys around the ages of 18-21? I think girls care more about personality on dating sites, where I reckon guys care more about the photos (it makes biological sense). Trust me, I'm a bloke in my 30s with several years experience of using them. And I forgot to add you've got 90% of the men going for 10% of the most attractive women and vice versa. Now I'm not talking the elephant man, but I am right, within limits.

Sorry but that's just not the case (certainly with the free ones). I've finally given up but for me it's more difficult to meet single women because of my age. If you're average looking and, in particular, not tall then forget it. If you are quite a bit below average, then just have patience, make sure your profile is up to scratch and message below average girls. I've got a good job (more than £40k a year, studying part time for work related course), house, nice car, good and interesting hobbies and a good circle of friends.

" and on the POF forums (I reccomend reading some of the posts) you get average guys with awesome profiles getting rejection after rejection. A troll on TSR even made a fake average woman profile to prove this (100 messages in an hour).

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I'd given up on them ages ago, however as I very rarely get to go to bars now and theres no clubs/societies in my area for my age which aren't single sex they're pretty much the only way I can meet someone. I am not bothered what women look like, as long as they are not fat or old. (if you're not attractive, then you'll need perhaps GRRM to compose your profile for you).

Edit: I wonder what was so offensive about my post? You then to top it off need a eye catching message that'll make the women giggle and get excited. This is because they're being flooded with messages and can only sight the attractive ones or eye catching ones. It's better to hit a bar unless you're really shy and socially awkward. I mean NOBODY whether your the elephant man or Brad Pitt wants to date someone they don't find attractive. Why didn't they get a chance to "show there personality"? I mean NOBODY whether your the elephant man or Brad Pitt wants to date someone they don't find attractive. Why didn't they get a chance to "show there personality"?

I think in a way that's better than meeting someone you find attractive, and then getting to know each other and finding out his/ her interests and character.

Only thing, I think paid dating sites are a lot better, the free ones attract people who just want to have fun or just put themselves up there for a laugh or something to do. Should be alright for you, just use your time travel thingy if you say the wrong thing.

BTW I am never rude to anyone or send stupid crude messages like some idiots do. While I wouldn't necessarily say that they are a waste of time, I certainly believe that there are better ways to meet women.


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