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When you’re an identical twin, you can’t help but wonder if the guy you’re talking to is more interested in your twin sister.” *Guy stutters awkwardly, walks begrudgingly to bar and proceeds to order Kath a drink* You’re welcome Katherine.

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I certainly didn't mean for this to take off; just wanted to share my personal (and honest) feelings.

Most my girl and guy friends feel (and act) the same way but I only spend my time with kind-hearted, generous individuals.

Some nights, Kath looks better and I’m just like, “Alright, tonight’s your night” and vice-versa.

” And I then send off my twin for her glorious date as me. With identical twins, you’re never going to look exactly the same.

Personal filters for how attractive someone must be to initially talk to them will vary, of course.


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    We help these people identify the right matches, but then we go further, we play the role of go-between where we have counselors for the members. The nicest stories are typically people you would not expect to get married, like a man who was 72 and a 63-year-old woman who found each other.

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    Meeting your special someone shouldn't be anything but a comfortable and relaxed experience.

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    So it is almost like having a Share Point List with attachments, except, done properly!

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    When a person reveals too much too soon, it can give a false sense of intimacy.