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Damn, you’re so gorgeous you made me forget what my pick up line was. Apart from being sexy, what do you do for a living? Your name must be Daisy, because I have the urge to plant you right here. You may fall from the sky, you may fall from a tree, but the best way to fall…

After that, you can forget about going out with me. Was that an earthquake, or did you just rock my world? Boy: (While she’s leaving) Hey, aren’t you forgetting something?

I may not be the best looking guy here but I am the only one talking to you. If I tell you that you have a great body, will you hold it against me? If I had a nickel every time I saw someone as beautiful as you then I would have 5 cents.

Can you recommend a bank where I can make a deposit?

The use of cute pick up lines can be great for starting a conversation with someone you don’t know.