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It not only encouraged me to pick out some real “winners,” but it also encouraged me to look at relationships as some sort of wishlist. Once I got into my mid-20s (and of a short-lived, unconsummated marriage), I started to unlearn a lot of my evangelical ideas about love, dating, and relationships.

You see, when you’re a devout evangelical, there are all of these boxes that any potential mate is supposed to tick.

And I don’t exactly remember what attributes that list (or any of its successors) included.

Something about God’s master plan for me, no doubt. In case you missed it, just thinking about that damn kingfish list got me into plenty of trouble over the years.

Some non-binary people may physically transition, some may not, but the only time it might be OK to ask that is if we’re going to be going back to mine, putting on some sexy music, lighting a few candles (because I’m a massive cliché), and going to town. Femme presenting people who enjoy sex are not always instantly submissive. SO blessed to share these amazing shots from TILTED by @poppymarriott__ - a series of gorgeous shots of non-binary people by non-binary people !!!

Don’t just ask people this question within the first few Tinder messages! Don’t make assumptions based on tired old sexual stereotypes about femme people - because oh, what’s that … A post shared by JAMIE WINDUST (@leopardprintelephant) on Babes.

Meanwhile, the people who won’t give a fat person a second look frequently date sedentary thin individuals who eat junk food all day.