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In the case of a painting, the typical supports made of textile, wood, parchment, or paper are sampled, as they usually offer sufficient material and can provide decisive evidence in authentication issues (13, 14).

Radiocarbon dating of the canvas gives a time frame of when the raw fiber material was harvested and generally has a few years offset with the actual completion of the work.

Radiocarbon dating has the potential to answer the question of when an artwork was created, by providing a time frame of the material used.

In this study we show that with two microsamples (C age gained on the paint contradicts this as it offers clear evidence for a post-1950 creation.

Through the direct coupling of an elemental analyzer (EA) that converts the sample to CO–11) have revolutionized sample requirements and hold great promise to support the research and understanding of cultural heritage materials, where sampling is critical and sample size is very often limited.


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