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I'm actually worried I won't finish and am interrupting real life shit to get it done. i'm tempted to use gems just to make it go faster (i wanna date talbott, dammit! ) but i don't want to spend them unless i absolutely have to. Since it just got added to the game, all of us who have been playing long enough to be in Year 5 received it retroactively. I'm just hoping to get far enough to unlock an outfit or maybe even the makeup.

How the hell are there people who have already finished? i also don't really want to rush this quest and just enjoy it. I really don't like this side quest at all, and the limited time makes me hate it even more.

This way we spend all our gems and have to pay them just to do basic things like get our O. However, the parts are absurdly long, most tasks require all stars, and the wait times are bad.

They keep making the parts we care about as side quests so they can time them, while making us constantly prank people in the main story for free. The rewards are pretty good, I think the dialogue is mostly on point.

Pretty much every task is a 3 hour with a 5 star requirement, there's a couple 3-hour waits and 5-hour waits, and the first two parts have 8 tasks??? We already have so many reasons to dislike this game, and so many of us are still trying our hardest to enjoy it despite those reasons. It’s a Year 4 side quest, so it won’t activate until you reach the correct chapter of Year 4.


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