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I'm a white girl dating a middle eastern immigrant who has dated white guys in the past. It's unlikely white men would be comfortable with dating a Muslim women.I don't understand your situation entirely, but I think I have some decent perspective on cultural differences for the men. So some things that could be happening: You are intimidating? A lot of White guys, who aren't motivated are just going to turn away. Perhaps in this situation, it might be better to list Latino if to be able to avoid the religion questions all together early on.

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I've been exploring the dating scene in so-cal and I'm having a hard time dating white/caucasian men ( specifically) and would love some advice/ input.

So look wise I've been told that I'm attractive/ exotic ( by friends from school, random people while out and about ( by men and women)) and I do notice white/caucasian men would look at me from time to time but nothing ever happens and it's very hard for me to read them.

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