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    (a) sells, lets to hire, distributes, publicly exhibits or in any manner puts into circulation, or for purposes of sale, hire, distribution, public exhibition or circulation makes, produces or has in his possession any obscene book, pamphlet, paper, drawing, painting, representation or figure or any other obscene object whatsoever; Macam-macam aktiviti yang disebut dalam klausa di atas, tapi mungkin yang paling ramai buat adalah "has in his posession" iaitu memiliki sebarang bahan lucah termasuklah majalah, gambar, DVD, dan klip video.

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    This may seem obvious on nights when she has her kids – but it’s something to keep in mind during her free time too. Flexibility is key – even on date night Started dating a single parent?

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    This is a shady move that is mostly done by websites that want to hide behind a veneer so as to attract people that it would not normally attract. As such, we see in our Interracial Dating Central Review that this site is masquerading in the guise of another website so as to get as many new members as it possibly can.