Dating tips for women in their 40s

But for other men, those who have either not been married by their 40s or are facing a post divorce life in their 40s, there’s a lot of good news that they need to know about.In youth, the game of sexual relationships is played according to the rules dictated by women. Young women of child bearing age have a clock ticking and they know that they need to find the most suitable father for their children.There have been times in my life when I have felt so far away from any love.

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“The other “signs” are greying hair, double chins, thinning hair and having bad teeth.” At age 40 you really are still quite physically attractive, particularly if you have been wise and looked after yourself and lived a reasonably healthy lifestyle. According to Ask, “Men over 40 will try to do everything they didn’t get the chance to do during their younger years.

They don’t have to worry about social, career or economic problems, thus, they can reach their goals more easily,” according to the website.

By the age of 40 most people will have had a few good jobs, hopefully a career, may have acquired property or necessary things such as a car, a retirement fund and a few savings. One commenter on the Date Like a Grown Up blog named Greg says, “The biggest reason why I don’t want to date, and my male friends express the same sentiment, is that we fear losing our financial investments to a failed relationship.

Let’s face it, at 42 years old we don’t want to be starting fresh mortgages or having to pay alimony.

They are often better listeners too, and don’t feel the need to dominate the conversation like a younger, less self-assured man might. Another good thing about dating men over 40 is that they usually have more “material” possessions under their belts.