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These are the top 10, according to a study of 2,000 daters by Endura Roses.

The most hated dating behaviour was misjudged and distasteful jokes, with 81% of people saying this would be an instant no-no for them.

Besides, you run the risk that the man will take a shine to one of your mates instead of you. They want to hear your lovely voice, be enchanted by your conversation and seduced by your witty banter.

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When you’re getting ready for your date tonight, make sure that it gets off on the right foot. Because for men, a lack of cleanliness is the biggest romantic deal breaker. This insight comes from a report in Pesonality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

Ladies, straighten up your apartment — or, at least, that part of it that your date can see from the front door when he picks you up. Researchers crunched the numbers from separate studies conducted in the United States, Australia and Asia and came up with a list of daters’ biggest turnoffs.

Natch, bad breath and body odour were 71% of people's absolute worst turn offs.

Also not-remotely-surprisingly high on the list was people who kept using their damn phones. But weirdly, 23% said they'd be put off if someone had a cracked phone screen.

We all have our own little things that can instantly give us 'the ick' about the person we're dating.