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If you DON'T have these concepts ingrained, in my experience the other techniques will be of limited value, or take much longer to implement. Even when he's not reading his speech, it seems stilted.

It's one thing to give a man fishing tips but leave him in a shallow pond; it's quite another to lead a man to an ocean of abundance and then say: "Now fish." The one great thing that makes David De Angelo stand out is his ability to get other masters to speak at his seminars. He also has a habit of repeating every title and every heading, for example... He probably realizes this about himself, which is why he culls the guest speakers.

It may be a pricey, sure, but as this Mastery programme will enrich the quality of your life so much, you can't afford to not buy it.

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De Angelos charisma and wit just shimmers through this product.

I think David D is actually very intellectual and completely understands what he is talking about - unlike so many charlatans out there at the moment who are idiots masquerading as gurus.

It will also help areas of your life NOT related to women. More about how to got to David D.: SOBRIETY AND RELATIONSHIPS After a breakup from a 4-year relationship, and being sober for 9 years, I found I'd lost the "bad boy" energy that used to bring me success with women.

My program of sobriety stresses service and lack of resentment, which have served me very well in having a wonderful, productive life, but REALLY hurt my ability to interact with women.

MASTERY REVIEW This DVD course, far from being "outdated" as others suggest, strikes me as absolutely timeless.