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The cheapest of cheap bastards, the owner spends way too much money on owner ‘amenities’ instead of on his loyal players.

13 major league clubs have higher payrolls than this deadbeat. Trade Update: after what seemed a prolonged negotiation in which little was actually negotiated, Arnie agreed to trade Grant Balfour to Eric for Ramon Ramirez, straight up, no chaser.

Turns out it only tied the record, set by Ryan Dempster & Estaban Loaiza, both of whom were originally cut by the ill-fated Jed & Clint duo, and Matt Clement, cut by Tom. What other players have been re-drafted in the first two rounds, and how have they fared after being redrafted? Well, I’m not going to comb through 20 years of draft reports for that; doing the first two rounds was tedious enough. North Dakota led in every possible team stat category – except homers and errors. Facing only FW or ND pitching for 2000 games, here are the batting leaders: But wait! The best pitchers start more often, the sludge (Teheran was 85-168 5.83) are banished to a mop-up role. So, I decided to pit the teams into 100 best of seven series, even inputting the actual World Series starters into the Starter schedule that the computer allows for. Here are some interesting facts: North Dakota won 63 of the 100 series overall.

23 were won in 7 games 16 were won in 6 games 13 were won in 5 games And 11 of the series were 4 game sweeps.

Or blame myself for not being able to beat a team that the SOMBILLA computer at least believed to be inferior.