Double your dating cocky and funny Chattubre

I know what you’re thinking: should I play the arrogant dude now?

double your dating cocky and funny-6

Then instead of HER being the object of desire, who’s chased after and wanted and because of it has to be selective…now YOU are becoming the object of desire, that gets chased after and is wanted, desirable, which is why YOU have to be selective.

This is what being cocky and funny is all about dude…

Yeah, ofcourse, like "than less", but to understand this, you have to read it from right ? Do you know, at the right of your right-hand, there is chair, which is expecting to be more closer of his left chair ?

Do you know which food menu I would like to take with you at lunch ?

THAT’S why women are selective: it’s in their nature, and we shouldn’t blame ’em.