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My childhood home number was in the ORiole 6 exchange. MAD magazine would occasionally print a parody phone book with satirical exchange names. So my conjectures about the Schweighöfers were irrelevant. Xopher @ #13: the Toronto Sun has long had a tendency to juxtapose a headline with an unrelated photo on its front cover. I'm pretty sure that using letters stopped by sometime in the 1960s, at least in Atlanta.

Given the Sun's tendencies, it's frequently a headline about sex crimes with a photo of one or more women in bikinis. I was born in 1963 and would have learned at least my (family's) number by the late '60s; there were no letters in it that I ever heard.

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It is abruptly revealed that "Clara Benari" is Carla Gray, who had not died but run away from home at an early age.

Sadie is furious to learn that her daughter was pretending to be white, and Carla herself is mortified — but not enough to end her ruse there and then.

I don’t know (and will never know) what these three couples were doing in Vienna that evening in February of 1903, but I kinda wish I were there with them. My parents got a good picture, a sweet picture, and then two ridiculous pictures because they didn't realize how long they'd have to kiss to make them all kissy pictures. "well-born", an honorific title for low-to-middling titled aristos, probably equal "The Honourable Miss Anna Skokan" (is that an initial S? Hansi Niese is also recognizable in her Wiki photo: There is no entry for a Schweighöfer of the right age, but there seems to be a long family of actors by that name. But the '0' takes a lot longer to dial on actual dial telephones, so it is very plausible that it was the biggest cities that got the '1' for their area code. Notice the exchange format NNX - that was originally two letters and a digit, where the two letters were part of a more memorable word, e.g.

Then we got into a competition with the other side of the bride's family and ended up cramming eleven of us in there. Incidentally, HLN: Local woman is now entitled to write "MPH" after her signature; is gratified when favorite professor says "you would be really good at x" job, which coincidentally happens to be exactly what local woman would like to do after imminent grant-funded one-to-three-year research position ends. (I'm sure there are overlays now, and area codes for outer boroughs.) Why? (Atlanta's is 404.) Lee, P J Evans: I had heard (but have no source to hand) that LA got 213 because it was not only big but far away from New York. But Twitter is making it sound like everything went well. PEnnsylvania-6-5000; I forget how many pairs of letters had mnemonics, but it wasn't the full set of 64, and the letters didn't include the Q or Z.

There’s a stand at the street market in Waterlooplein that sells old postcards. And there is no separate page for Jenny Reingrüber, but she is listed on the page for that surname as "Jenny Reingruber (1881–nach 1902), österreichische Theaterschauspielerin," sc. David θ15: Long ago there was a picture of a pornstar who had been linked to a member of the British royal family, and the headline next to it said "Student Sets Teacher On Fire!


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