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At this point in time this is the only rational conclusion I can reach concerning your work.If this is the case I’ll have a good laugh and only ask that you put a comedy disclaimer somewhere on your website to attest to this fact .

You appear to have spent more time reading my CV than looking at the science.

I’m flattered, but respectfully point out that my qualifications have no influence on the radiosondes, satellites, CSSP graphs or IPCC documents I refer to. Have you a religious belief in AGW that helps you justify this unscientific behaviour? I’m delighted you are coming to Australia and want to draw attention to the Skeptics Handbook.

I won’t waste your time listing all the scientific and logical deficiencies that riddle this document because I believe that you created ‘The Sceptics Handbook’ as a spoof to test the readers level of scientific literacy.

I told my graduate student that anyone with a bachelor’s degree in science—specialising in microbiology and molecular biology nonetheless, would surely not pretend to challenge the world’s scientific community’s consensus understanding on climate change.

Without learning to reason I fear they will fall victim to hype, scam, exaggerated threats, and false assurances.