Fifteen minutes of dating heaven

Watch the Trailercontinues the story of missionary John H.

Groberg, who returns to Tonga in the 1960s and has his faith shaken when his sixth child is born with an illness.

I soon realized I have a few readers that enjoyed a couple of my fictional blogs, so I'm doing a small serial on two of them, which are "A Bad Day" and "Lonely Lenore".

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I was too distracted by my Peroni buzz and Johnny’s biceps to really get upset about this though...

I felt so comfortable with Johnny that I told him about the experiment. Three hours later, we were still hanging out and playing our favorite songs for each other.

He’s also a neighbor, so he was excited to meet me for brunch at a spot equidistant to our apartments. But there was something incredibly comfortable and sexy about him, which took me onward to Date 27…

We met at the same British gastropub I had my last date at on Friday and mimosa on Saturday. —which, to me, is like someone loving pizza but hating Italy.

Watch the Trailer tells the true story of a young man who fell through thin ice on a frozen pond and spent fifteen minutes under water.


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