Free adult online voice chat

It is only necessary that both you and your language exchange partner use the same voice chat program.

Just use the "push to talk" button and use the Trolling Voice Changer for Fortnite.

In addition to being able to make impressions of a girl, a mom, Pennywise, a kid, Rick & Morty, Ninja or Elmo you will be able to reproduce the sounds that you want through the Proximity Chat.

In this way, it processes your voice in real time and helps you change it to another.

With more than 60 voices Voicemod is the voice changer for Fortnite with more voices on earth: Alien, Android, Baby, Cave, Children to Adult, Cop, Crazy ... Using a voice changer with effects in Fortnite can serve to reinforce your voice, add a bit of personality or trick your team into the proximity voice chat of the game.

The answer is very simple: Meme Sound Machine, the Intant Sound Buttons function compatible with TS3 and Discord.