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Note: Do not put it next to the wall dividing the front room from the back room.

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Now, just a little trick to help you encourage other toons to battle cogs: go to Pajama Place and go to the shop called "Talking in Your Sleep: Voice Training"There, you need to say 'Would you like some help?

Have all the toons who helped defeat that cog building stand in front of their own picture.

May 11, Australia touted its successful track record while Sri Lanka..

If a word not in the Toontown dictionary is used through the Speed Chat Plus option (assuming the player does not have the true friend option on), or other toons who do not have Speed Chat Plus, the word will be "censored" by "woof," "arf," or "rruff." If an exclamatory phrase is used, the dog will bark loudly.

What you have to do is follow along with what the other toons.


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