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When asked about his reasons for making the movie, Ray answered that he noticed a lack of gay Asian men who were interested in other gay Asian men in western countries.

In an Australian context, it is a ‘yearning’ for ‘national belonging’ that only exists with the ‘existence of a racial ‘Other’, and can be rewarded with ‘social mobility’ or a sense of ‘citizenship’.

Through another scholar Alan Han, Senthorun makes the obvious point that this capital seen as whiteness is associated through being ‘white’ (having a Caucasian or European body.) In a sense, being able to attain this whiteness (even through association through others) marks a sense that we belong to this sort of class.

In a bigger sense, I think this imaginary situation touches something deeper and real in a lot of us.

Ryan is a character who embodies the first-generation story of an Asian person born into Western society.

It was during that process he became more open to dating other Asian men. He believes some Asian men go through a journey where they discover themselves in life, and then are ready to date other Asians.


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