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The origin of this claim is the English essayist Sir Henry Norman, who wrote in 1895 that the wall was "the only work of human hands on the globe visible from the moon." His observation was based on the fact that people on earth could see craters and canals on the moon, and so someone on the moon would be able to see something as long and massive as the Great Wall on earth.

Many people seem to believe that the claim the wall can be seen from the moon is based on first-hand accounts of astronauts or the work of scientists and astronomers, but it is actually the creation of a man who wrote when space travel was not even possible.

His wall ran along a line further to the north than the present one, marking what was then the border between China and the Mongolian plains.

The wall was constructed by unwilling conscripts and convicts who were sent north under guard from all over China for the purpose.

Modern day scholars and scientists, as well as those who have traveled to the moon, have debunked this claim repeatedly.