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Stopped here for a break to allow the kids to stretch their legs. Since I visited in the winter , advise: passenger car ok if coming from the Hot Creek Hatchery Rd. While I have never fished here, we saw many people doing that and it looked like they were doing quite well.

The site initially looked like it might be a bit of a walk to get to the site, but it is a quick, easy walk. We parked about halve a mile to the south-west and hiked along the river to the Hot Creek site. There are several trails that head from the cliff edge by the parking lots down into the valley. Easy parking and short but steep walk down to creek and Springs, beautiful spot.

Amazing little walk with some small rock formations to traverse and a few stunning views on the way there. Neat place to visit if have never been at Lassen or Yellowstone. The fencing that blocks the public from going right to the actual edge of the water is a tattered which makes it tempting to go right in but we just followed...

Two pools of water, across the river, and nothing else to see. From Hwy 395, take the Hot Creek Hatchery Road that is just west of the Mammoth Airport.

Like most geothermal springs, the area is constantly changing and evolving. Travel 1.2 miles, passing the Airport Road and take a right (east), continuing on the Hot Creek Hatchery Road.