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The five crew members were able to escape the engulfed boat on their own before the Coast Guard was on scene because they were in the main cabin, Bemis said.“They were not trapped by the fire,” he said.

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Howard huff dating indiana

He also hosted a show with three fellow students on WTBU, campus radio station, named The King Schmaltz Bagel Hour which was cancelled during its first broadcast for a sketch called "Godzilla Goes to Harlem".

He was hired for the job, his first in a large radio market.

PST, while it was anchored overnight, officials said.“We did rescue five individuals who are being transported ashore now, one with moderate injury, and there are still 34 unaccounted for,” said Centura County Fire Capt. “There are fatalities but I can't give you a number because the Coast Guard is still searching the water.”The U. Coast Guard said it had launched a massive rescue operation after getting a report that more than 30 people were “in distress.” Pictures showed the vessel engulfed by flames as firefighters carried out their rescue.“The fire was so intense that even after it was put out we were not able actually to embark the vessel,” a Coast Guard spokesman said.

Coast Guard Senior Chief Aaron Bemis told CNN that 34 people were below decks in the “berthing” area of the boat, where passengers sleep.“Chances are good that they were asleep in the berthing area,” Bemis said.

“It keeps being extinguished and re-flashing,” said Bemis.