But since you are still here, I’m going to guess that you want to know more information about why signing up for this team is the right decision. I’m way too creative to sit at a desk from 9 to 5 just plugging away at a computer!



Kylie was scheduled to headline in 2005 but sadly had to pull out when she was diagnosed with cancer.

We’d love to see Kylie finally make her Glastonbury debut – can you imagine the crowds singing along to Locomotion?

And during this time in the digital marketing industry, although I realized that the corporate world wasn’t for me, I did learn that the digital marketing world was right up my alley! I bought a website domain and created this little website that you are on right now. When I first bought my domain, I spent the first 24 hours freaking out with overwhelm. And I know the ins and outs of social media as I read about it on a daily basis. But after that, I expect to see you on the other side as a member of my VIP team!

I’m not going to lie to you, because I want us to become virtual best friends. But the thing that kept me calm all this time is that I know this stuff! So take it from me: once you know this stuff, creating your online presence becomes a lot easier!

I know how to create online content that can boost a website’s traffic, engagement, and conversions.


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    Both parties to make the effort to make that happen regularly." Having a game plan for when you'll see each other can make a real difference — as can having an end game in mind.

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    The sewing pattern Simplicity 7091 from 1966 has this same side slit silhouette.

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    He asked the question in the context of the alleged mistreatment of five Jamaican fishermen by the United States coast guard against which the men have since taken legal action.