Is james franco still dating ahna nigeria dating

They discovered that they’d both grown up in Palo Alto, ten minutes away from each other, and that their mothers used to chat at the public pool.

They’ve been together ever since, through all the rumors, and the schoolwork, and the move to New York. A., is speaking to me from Franco’s apartment in New Yorkshe’s here to film a moviewhile Franco is in L. filming new episodes of The choice to go back to school really changed everything, O’Reilly remembers.

She was an acting student at Playhouse West, the school Franco had studied at years before.

He was an increasingly famous actor on the brink of a career crisis.

Spider-Man star James Franco has confirmed that he and girlfriend Ahna O'Reilly have gone their separate ways after five years together. Franco takes on a slacker No Cal accent that never quite sticks, but adds levity as an ambassador to Osman, welcoming him to the history and inner workings of the insular town in his brief time onscreen, serving as a catalyst for the remainder of the action.