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And of course, there’s also an abundance of vegan Italian recipes online.

Start here: As always, if you want to cook for large groups, a food processor will save you lots of time.

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Italian food andnot dating cookbook buy resterant

The low-rent version involves boiling up some spaghetti, nuking some jarred tomato sauce in the microwave, and then perhaps (if you’re not vegan) dusting your meal with some Kraft Parmesan cheese out of the shiny green can.

The result might be tasty enough, but it’s no substitute for genuine Italian cooking.

Italian food is generally easy to make, but it usually requires a lot of preliminary chopping and slow simmering.

As a result, authentic Italian cooking lends itself especially well to preparing big batches for lots of people.

You can’t hurry along this sort of food without compromising the results.