Jamaican men and dating

He continued calling out excuses and ideas as we retreated, half laughing and half shaking our heads in disbelief. I’ve watched happily married men compliment and even harmlessly flirt with women passing by and I’ve seen others who were definitely “on the prowl.” I’ve seen men “of the cloth” destroy their lives and the lives of countless others with their sexual trysts with underage females.

We had heard about “Jamaican men,” but it was shocking to see one in action. Sometimes I wonder how this drive for sexual encounters became to ingrained in this culture.

Each was hoping to make a few dollars by selling their juice, fruit, hats, jewelry, beach towels, or, much to our surprise, their weed.

For a bit, we humored him, chatting while trying to gently escape his grasp.

The conversation drifted from comments about our vacation to the man suggesting that he would like to offer us “massage” to facilitate our “relaxation.” We laughed out loud at his suggestion.

A few have “sugar mammas” off in England, Canada or the USA.

These women are paying the men’s expenses in exchange for companionship when they are in Jamaica. Oddly, many others, despite their less than stellar appearance, or dire financial status, believe they are the answer to the problems of women from all walks of life. I’m always in mental discussions with myself as to whether they have enormous egos or super low .

Standing closely and asking where we were from, he wanted to know if we were enjoying our time.