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Their amiableness, wit, sensibility, forthrightness, gentility, sense of duty, sensitivity, reservedness, amongst other characteristics, are given a numerical rating, as are less desirable traits such as vulgarity, eccentricity, boldness, licentiousness and frivolity.

Essentially, the process is three-fold: players build stories through characterisation, they play new chapters, meet new people, attend balls, dinners, go riding, visit the town and its surrounding stately homes with ever the keen eye trained to potential suitors.

The advent of apps has revolutionised dating (not to mention more casual forms of intimate engagement) in our time.

So what happens when this technology is brought to bear on the highly formalised modes of courtship in the Regency period?

It is a question most would not ask, but the producers at Tea for Three studios did, and their answer, .


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