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We’ve got enough stars on the women’s side creating interest.” The mixed nature of the competition brought out fans curious to see how it would work that first year.

Golf Australia enhanced the experience by limiting ropes and allowing spectators to walk in the fairways behind the players. Golf Australia CEO Stephen Pitt believes the game needs more ideas like the Vic Open.

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“Tournament golf really needs to look at reinventing itself,” Pitt said.

“Other sports are making some pretty giant strides in the product they are offering viewers. It’s really important to support new formats like the Vic Open and to see them flourish.

“Hopefully, next year, when players have more time to get their heads around it, and after players go back with stories about how great it is, we’ll get more of the best players coming over.

“But, honestly, we have all our leading Australian women from the LPGA: Karrie, Minjee, Katherine (Kirk), Sarah Jane (Smith), Su (Oh) and Hannah (Green).

“But I got a phone call from Tony Charlton that first year, applauding the idea and thanking me for crediting him as the inspiration for it.